Synchronisation Status


Nation  ldoxwab
Westminster  Banbury, Henley, Oxford East, Oxford West and Abingdon, Wantage, Witney
Local Authorities 
Emailability question  2020 : Action : NB Email (West)
Syncer version  rev: 446 | node: ddc12444d2c1 | date: 2018-10-13 01:45 +0100
Last run  2018-10-14 07:58:15.363571+00:00
Export time  2018-06-10 00:37:09.979489+01:00
Export filename  Syncer20180609-9538106559.txt
Records matched  17596
Merge candidates  1053
Problem records  0

Merge Candidates and Problem Records

Merge candidates and problem records have been enabled on the following URLs:
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