Lib Dems to reverse benefit cuts

Lib Dems campaign to reverse benefits cut hitting working families


The Liberal Democrats have pledged to reverse planned benefit cuts which are set to cost an average of £1,000 a year for working families.

Research conducted by the independent Resolution Foundation shows that the planned cuts – which are backed both by Labour and the Conservatives – are heavily concentrated on working families, with some families losing as much as £3,000 a year.

Both the Resolution Foundation and the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) have concluded that while the Liberal Democrats plan to reverse the benefit cuts in full, Labour’s plans would mean that the vast majority of cuts remain resulting in a “significant takeaway for the poor”.

The IFS further criticises the Labour and Conservative manifestoes for failing to “set out an honest set of choices”. It says plans in the Conservative manifesto could do "serious damage" to the quality of public services such as the NHS and schools, while Labour's tax rises may not raise anything like the tax revenues they have claimed.

Dr Kirsten Johnson. Liberal Democrat candidate for Oxford East, said: "Families are already facing a tough year due to soaring prices as a result of Brexit. The benefits freeze will make life even tougher for the millions of families already struggling to get by.

“As independent analysis confirms, Labour is fully signed up for these Tory benefit cuts. Only the Lib Dems are pledged to reverse them helping thousands of working families in Oxford.”

The Resolution Foundation analysis of welfare policies can be found here

The Institute for Fiscal Studies analysis of the manifesto promises can be found here

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