Only Lib Dems can challenge Corbyn's Labour

Lib Dems the challengers to Corbyn’s Labour in Oxford East



On Thursday, voters in Oxford East face a clear choice: helping Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party or stopping them by voting LibDems. More and more people are turning to the Lib Dems as the only electable alternative here. 

The Liberal Democrats came a clear second in Oxford East in the County elections held just a few weeks ago. They won big in Headington and Quarry division, holding the seat with a much increased majority. The Liberal Democrats are also in tune with the majority of Oxford on Brexit: in last year's referendum, Oxford East has one of the strongest Remain votes in the country. People of all parties who voted Remain are now backing Lib Dem Kirsten Johnson because they know the Liberal Democrats are the only major party who are fighting wholeheartedly to keep the UK in the single market. 

In 2015, no party proved a strong opponent to Labour in this constituency but all the signs are that 2017 is a return to form, with the Liberal Democrats running Labour a very close second in both 2005 and 2010.

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